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What is Application Programming Interface (API)

What is Application Programming Interface (API)
In this age of information technology ✅ (API) importance is immeasurable. (API) The application programming interface is a connection between computers or computer programs.

What is Application Programming Interface ✅(API)

In this age of information technology (API) importance is immeasurable. (API) The application programming interface is a connection between computers or computer programs. It is a type of software interface that provides services to other parts of the software. A document or standard that describes how to create such a connection or interface is called an API specification.  Why do we use API? Why is it called an API? How an API work.✅ GPIT is by your side to know any information related to API. A computer system that meets these standards is asked to implement or publish an API. The term API can refer to specification or implementation. Unlike a user interface that connects a computer to an individual, an application programming interface connects pieces of computer or software to each other. It is not intended to be used directly by anyone other than a computer programmer (end-user) who is incorporating it into the software. An API often consists of various components that act as tools or services available to the programmer. A program or a programmer who uses one of these components is called a part of the API. Calls that make up the API are also known as subroutines, methods, requests, or endpoints. An API specification defines these calls, which means it explains how to use or apply them. One of the purposes of the API is to hide the internal details of how a system works, to reveal only the parts that would be useful to a programmer, and to keep the internal details consistent even if they change later. An API can be custom-built for a specific pair of systems, or it can be a shared standard that allows interoperability between multiple systems. 

Web APIs allow communication between computers connected to the Internet There are also APIs for programming languages, software libraries, computer operating systems, and computer hardware. APIs originated in the 1940s, although the term did not appear until the 1960s and '70s.