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Amazon Dropshipping service in USA Bangladesh

Best Amazon Dropshipping service in USA & Bangladesh
Best Amazon Dropshipping service in USA & Bangladesh. GPIT is one of the Best Companies in the Amazon Dropshipping, FBA, and FBM Store Management Sector. We Are Manage your Amazon seller central account.

Best Amazon Dropshipping service in USA & Bangladesh

GPIT is one of the best companies in the Amazon Dropshipping, Store Management Sector. We are an expert Amazon virtual assistant, here to completely manage your Amazon seller central account
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We have been working on Amazon seller central since February 2017. Now we have gained a lot of experience in managing the Amazon Store. GPIT is one of the leading IT companies in Bangladesh and we are working closely with A lot of United States clients and companies.
GPIT knows how to run a store successfully and also how to save a store, we know how to run the store without getting suspended. If you want to keep trouble from you, We're here.Β 
Amazon is the world's largest e-commerce company. Currently, Amazon is doing e-commerce business in several other countries of the world besides the United States. Notable among them are Italy, France, Spain, Poland, Mexico, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, Japan, Sweden, Canada, United Kingdom. Amazon offers two types of services, one is FBA, Fulfillment by Amazon, and the other is FBM, Fulfillment by Merchant.
If you want to do FBA with Amazon, you must first have a seller central account. All you need is a company, incorporation, or LLC. You can also open an Amazon Seller Central account with your personal information if you wish. However, it is important to have a company when it comes to doing business. Amazon drop shipping is a sector with huge potential. However, if you are unable to conduct business properly in accordance with Amazon's rules, Amazon may suspend or close your Seller Central account at any time. In this case, you have to pay more attention to the issues such as Order Defect Rate, Target: under 1%. Late Shipment Rate, Target: under 4%Β Must stay down. Pre-fulfillment Cancel Rate, Target: under 2.5%, must be below Valid Tracking Rate, Target: over 95%. You can take the help of Ojinious to keep the Valid Tracking Rate right. John Ojinious of Valid Tracking is the best in one word. It is also important to note that the products you are going to work with must be branded as a product listing. If you want to sell a brand product then you need to get a sales authorization letter from that company. If you unknowingly list a brand's product, Amazon will take action against you for Intellectual Property Complaints Violations. If you wish, you can appeal against this Product Policy Violation. Only if you follow these rules properly can you work with Amazon on drop shipping.

What is Amazon FBA? Amazon FBA is the wholesale offering of products to Amazon. You can do FBA business with Amazon from anywhere in the world. The product you want to wholesale directly to Amazon must be shipped to Amazon's warehouse. And Amazon will sell and market your product itself so you don't have to worry about it. Amazon will reimburse you every 15 days with your profits.
Β Why did you hire GPIT?
Currently, GPIT manages Amazon and Walmart stores. These stores are run by a team of skilled IT specialists.Β 
Quick Response.
100% Quality work.
100% Customer Satisfaction
Good communication.
On-time delivery.
Friendly Communication.
24/7 Support.
Work cleanly and honestly.
Β Expertise in a Nutshell:
Managing your seller central store A to Z
Protecting Just Launched store From Suspend
Top selling items Research and Finding new Winning Products
Product listing
Managing Inventory
Setting Up Suppliers account
Pricing adjust
Buy box wining
Account health
Handling buyer messages
Store Health Doing Better
Customer care support
No need for marketing
The Tools We use:
Jungle Scout
Helium 10
Viral Launch
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