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Amazon dropshipping training? You can now work with Amazon as an entrepreneur. Because at this time Amazon is one of the best e-commerce companies in the world. So you can start your Amazon dropshipping business now. Apart from Bangladesh, there are thousands of educated unemployed youth in the world at the moment. If they want, they can make their debut as an entrepreneur through Amazon dropshipping. GPIT has been hosting Amazon Dropshipping Entrepreneur Courses for a long time.
How to make money using Amazon dropshipping platform? How to perform these tasks? We will teach you all about dropshipping step by step. If you are an educated unemployed young man or woman, you need to be independent and how manage your own expenses. In that case, Amazon dropshipping could be a huge possibility. From the GPIT course, you will learn Amazon Dropship Business Model and how to do Amazon Dropship. What to learn? What flame should? What is the obstacle? How to find products? Use cum tool to find a product? How to list Amazon products? How to manage inventory? How to manage orders? How to get orders in a short time? How to manage returns? How do maintain an order error rate? How to maintain Amazon policy violations? How to maintain Amazon shipping performance? Do you trade with Amazon on a personal account or do you trade with a company account? Which bank's credit card is better to use? How to open a Walmart account? How to open Sam's Club account? How to be an Amazon seller from Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan and how to implement it.
Job opportunities are very limited and competitive at this time and unemployment is a big problem. In today's modern world if you want to make your debut as an entrepreneur then you need proper guidance and GPIT is by your side to give that guidance.

Amazon FBA & FBM Course Module

Total Class: 17 | Total Hours: (17x2) = 34


Mode of Payment:

Installment 1: Tk. 10,500.00 (at the time of admission)
Installment 2: Tk. 8,500.00 (before live Projects)
Installment 3: Tk. 6,000.00 (before the 7 days Store Management)

Total cost of the program: Tk. 25,000.00

One-time full payment: Tk. 22,500.00

Amazon Dropshipping Basic, Extension Software Set Up & Products Rechase: Total Class: 5

Class: 1 & 2

1. Basic knowledge about Amazon dropshipping.

2. Set up your Grabley Chrome extension software

3. Amazon Assistant

4. CNet Shopping Extension.

5. Keepa software - install and set up.

6. Keepa Software Review- How to read their graphs.


Class: 3, 4 & 5

1. Product research.

2. List of brands and ASIN testers

3. How to sourcing product + brand list cert.

4. IP, Brand, Amazon Policy

5. Exam

6. Exam Review


Class: 6

1. How to Create Amazon Store

2. Which Doc Needs:

(A) LLC/INC/social security


(C) ID or Driving License (us citizen)

(D) Passport & USA Permit

(E) Company Reg Office Add

(F) Bank Account with Routing No.

(G) Credit Card

(H) Video call verifications

3. Store Introductions:

a. Catalog ***

b. Inventory ***

c. Pricing

d. Orders ***

e. Advertising

f. Stores

g. Growth

h. Reports ***

i. Performance ***

4. Store Messages Help Settings: Login Settings, Return Settings, Shipping Settings, User Permissions.

Work on

Class: 7

1. How to calculate your profit Margin when sourcing for items.

2. Adding products or listings.


Class: 8 & 9

1. Inventory Management.

2. Out of stock

3. How to win Buy Box.

Class: 10 & 11

Product Source Management:

1. USA Market Place

2. Amazon

3. Walmart

4. Samsclub

5. Cosco

6. Homedeportation

7. Lewes

8. eBay


Best Market Place Source Products & Create Account:

1. Walmart

2. Samsclub

3. How to Apply for Walmart Tax-exempt

4. How to get a resale certificate to get tax-free in all states of the USA?


Class: 12 & 13

Order Management:

1. How to ship to other sellers.

2. Pending

3. Unshipped

4. Cancelled

5. Shipped

6. Order tracking and shipment.

7. What is False Tracking & How to use

8. How to create an Ogenious Account For Tracking


Class: 14 & 15

1. Returns and Refunds.

2. Customer support handling.


Class: 16

How to connect to sites that can't be logged in from outside the US, which tools to use for help.

1. How to use Proton VPN.

Class: 17

1. Master class - my way of sourcing products, Best Seller Rank Management.

2. GPIT running store, product listing, buy box win, order preparation, tracking and shipment, support, and dealing with solutions.